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We treat all personal injury claims the same in the sense that it doesn’t matter whether it is a relatively minor claim or a highly substantial claim. By intimately getting to know our clients, including their specific injuries, treatment and details surrounding their claim, Kristine and Monique are able to provide a comprehensive approach which allows them to illustrate to insurance carriers, that their client is not just a faceless file on their desk, but rather this is a real person, with real injuries in need in order to negotiate and obtain real compensation for those injuries.


“Kristine and Monique did a great job in an accident case that changed our lives. Even after 2 years of dogged work with no guarantees of compensation they never gave up on us. Now we can move on in our lives due to their hard work and perseverance. "Never Give Up" should be their motto.”


Kristine and Monique strive to obtain substantial settlements that adequately compensate clients for their injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, disruption to their lives and the lives of their family, and most importantly, that ensure their future needs are also covered. With a wide range of background and experience in a variety of Personal Injury and Automobile Accident matters, Kristine and Monique have an advanced understanding of the process and the law, thus giving clients a great advantage in all negotiations throughout their personal injury claims.  


Monique and Kristine guide clients who are at all stages Divorce and Family Law matters, from pre-marriage advice and prenuptial agreements to strategic pre-divorce planning and consultation, as well as planning to protect one’s rights as a parent when sharing (or expecting) a minor child with a co-parent outside of a marriage through the divorce negotiation and finalization process to modifications down the road as circumstances may change. 


In most cases, yes; which means that you do not pay any attorneys fees upfront and only pay a percentage of your settlement amount if your claim settles.

Each cause of action has its own statute of limitations which defines how long you have to make a claim for a potential personal injury claim. It is imperative that you preserve your statute of limitations if you plan to make a claim prior to the expiration date, so consult with an attorney early. 

We encourage you to contact us as soon as you can following an accident/injury so we can get as much first hand knowledge of the incident, in your own words, as memories and details fade quickly. We also collect any initial information (i.e. medical records, discharge papers, police report) you may already have and set you up in an organized fashion to efficiently keep track of what we will need from you, if we are retained and together we decide to pursue a claim. 

"Kristine and Monique handled my husband's car accident claim against the other driver's insurance company. Due to Kristine's and Monique's hard work and perseverance, my husband received payment for his pain, suffering and medical bills. Trocki Law is highly recommended to handle auto injury cases.”