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Testamentary Trusts
Financial Powers of Attorney

Healthcare Powers of Attorney (“Living Will/Advanced Directives”)

It is never too soon to do advanced planning for your end of life decisions as life, medical catastrophes, and death, simply happen. While your demise is something no one wants to contemplate, it is one of the most important tasks you can complete during your lifetime to ease the responsibilities and burden on your family members and appointed agents for when unfortunate circumstances arise. This is why we try to make the estate planning process as painless and efficient as we can so that we can equip you with a fully and properly executed personalized estate plan, including at least a Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney. In the event you have specific special needs or extremely complicated financial circumstances, we will work collaboratively with a Trust/Elder Law attorney for a streamlined full service.


“We couldn't have asked for a better experience.  The team is knowledgeable and efficient, but most of all kind and thoughtful in the preparation of estate planning for my family.  I have been recommending them to friends since I received my first email from Monique!”
- Amanda


Once complete, these documents can be tucked away (hopefully to collect dust for many years) like an insurance policy bringing you peace of mind. That said, relationships, lives and circumstances change over time which is why we also follow-up with our estate planning clients periodically to remind clients to review their estate plans on a regular basis and to confirm that their existing estate plan still accurately reflects their current goals and wishes. Strategic, advanced planning is one of the most thoughtful (and smart) things you can do for your loved ones and future generations.


“Working with Kristine and Monique was a breeze, they made the process easy to understand, they were accessible for questions and I would recommend them to anyone looking for legal assistance!”


Following the death of a loved one, the opening of a Probate Estate may very well be necessary, especially true when a loved one died owning individual or probate assets and/or without properly executed Estate Planning documents in place. We understand by nature that the Probate process can sometimes be time consuming, tedious and overwhelming, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one. This is why we aim to help administer Probate Estates efficiently to move families towards closure, from a legal perspective, and ensure that all outstanding details are taken care of, assets and monies are distributed as intended and debts and expenses are settled. We notice and negotiate with the appropriate State entities, creditors and other interested parties, as required by statute, on behalf of our clients. 


Monique and Kristine guide clients who are at all stages Divorce and Family Law matters, from pre-marriage advice and prenuptial agreements to strategic pre-divorce planning and consultation, as well as planning to protect one’s rights as a parent when sharing (or expecting) a minor child with a co-parent outside of a marriage through the divorce negotiation and finalization process to modifications down the road as circumstances may change. 


Primarily, to relieve some of the stress and burden off your loved ones during times of medical emergencies and the grieving process following your passing, as well as to ensure your best interests, affairs and legacies are protected according to your known wishes.

YES. Without proper Estate Planing documents in place, you likely do not have documentation in place as to what may happen to your minor children in the event of your passing or for anyone to advocate for your rights and manage your affairs if you are still alive, but incapacitated, i.e. unable to do so for yourself.

An asset that is titled individually in your name without a listed named payable on death beneficiary. 

You are considered to have passed intestate i.e. without a Will and your Estate would be handled based upon the laws of intestacy without taking account your goals and preferences which otherwise could have been memorialized in properly executed estate planning documents.

We typically bill flat fees for estate planning documents, but each case is unique and we would provide a specific quote after learning some of your initial goals and circumstances.