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Annual Reports & Secretary of State Filings
Business Formation
Operating Agreements & Bylaws
Commercial Leases
Employment Contracts

Severance Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Purchase & Sale Agreements

We represent a number of local businesses and customize our services to meet your unique business and employment needs by offering both general and strategic planning business advice to clients looking to adapt, grow or downsize their current business. We also can assist in situations of contract disputes. We draft, review and negotiate a wide variety of business-related documents and contracts, including but not limited to forms, policies, business plans, operating agreements and bylaws, commercial leases, severance agreements, and purchase and sale agreements. 


“Attorney Trocki and Attorney Monique Paquin are consistently professional, clear, direct and responsive. Within 24 hours from my initial request, I had everything in place to establish my LLC - including an EIN number, Sec of State papers etc. Monique also alerted me to fraudulent efforts directed at newly established companies in a timely way allowing me to navigate effectively. They are skilled, knowledgeable and also a pleasure to work with.”
- Marisa


The relationship between employers and employee can be positive, but more often than not sometimes, can result in hiccups and tension. Kristine and Monique work to resolve any issues, conflict and tension between employers and employees and have equal experience in representing both sides of the relationship. That said, when it is time to part ways, we have extensive experience in drafting, review and negotiating severance agreements and bringing closure to both parties. 


Monique and Kristine guide clients who are at all stages Divorce and Family Law matters, from pre-marriage advice and prenuptial agreements to strategic pre-divorce planning and consultation, as well as planning to protect one’s rights as a parent when sharing (or expecting) a minor child with a co-parent outside of a marriage through the divorce negotiation and finalization process to modifications down the road as circumstances may change. 


Yes. Most of our business law clients elect to have us serve as their Registered Agent and to handle their Annual Reports and other necessary Secretary of State filings. 

There are numerous legal and tax distinctions between the two, but one big difference is the amount of control the Employer has over the individual. If someone is free to make their own schedule and simply deliver a product or service by a specific deadline, rather than work a set schedule with specific expectations to adhere to, they are likely an Independent Contractor entitled to significantly less rights and benefits than an Employee. That said, there are benefits to becoming an Independent Contractor as well.  

It means that the employee can be terminated by the employer at any time for any reason, besides an illegal one, or for no reason at all and that the employee is able to leave their place of employment at any time for any reason or no reason at all.  

No. If you are an employer who wants to offer a Severance Agreement or if you are an employee who has received a Severance Agreement, reach out to us to discuss the potential pros and cons to the same.

“Smart, experienced, don't miss a detail, and a pleasure to work with! Kristine and her team have provided (and will continue to provide) me with great advice, particularly as a small business owner getting started.”