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Thus, maintaining long-lasting client relationships is paramount to us. By giving our clients as positive of an experience within our control during the pendency of their legal matter, often during stressful and/or emotional times in one’s life, we hope to become our clients’ go-to “lawyer(s) for life”, no matter what change, challenge or new endeavor may come their way. We do not consider our clients to be “one and done.” We want our clients to feel highly satisfied and thus come back to us following their Divorce or Family Law matter and trust us to handle their updated estate planning needs, to start a new business, or any personal injury matter in the event they unfortunately get into an automobile accident. Overall, client satisfaction and referrals are what we strive to achieve; we want to be your lawyers for life and we want you to respect and trust us with your family and friend’s important legal needs.

Lawyers for Life

It is important to choose an attorney(s) who you feel will be a good match for you and will align with your overall mindset, goals, and strategy. The attorney-client relationship can (and should) be long lasting, even after a particular matter has been resolved. You should always select an attorney(s) that you feel confident in and are comfortable allowing them to become intimately familiar with you and your matter. An attorney should be someone who you will trust, ideally respect, and who you will be able to communicate with often.

Importance of Finding a Good Match to Represent You.

Trocki Paquin, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, LLC (“Trocki Paquin Law”) is a full service, community-based law firm located in Jamestown, Rhode Island. While we actively practice law in a wide variety of legal/practice areas as mentioned throughout the site, if a practice area you are interested in is not currently listed on this website, please inquire further. We have experience in many other general practice areas and if required, we can point you in the right direction, refer you to an attorney-colleague, and/or work collaboratively with another law firm to ensure that we are most efficiently serving your current legal needs. Although we practice in a small community, we have big-city experience and an excellent reputation throughout Rhode Island.

Full Service, Community Based Law Firm

We, at Trocki Paquin, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, LLC, are dedicated to providing strong, sound legal advice by offering a personalized, strategic and holistic approach to each matter. To that end, we understand and practice the values that clients want to be empowered to make their own informed decisions; want to be a part of their legal team; want to feel respected and heard; and importantly, clients want to be responded to in a timely manner with reasonable accessibility to their attorney(s). In addition, we strive to treat everyone kindly and to maintain the level of professionalism and civility we wish to see in others while holding ourselves to the highest standard of care regarding ethics.